Open Letters

Welcome to the Open Letters Page!

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Here you will find open letters which I have written, listed by priority level:

1. Letter to Georgia Bureau of Investigation about the likely cause of the mask-related shooting on Monday, June 15th, 2021
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2. "Neighborly safety email to all staff of North Clackamas and Gresham-Barlow school districts, January 2021"
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With thanks to G-d for His help:
In January 2021, I sent this email to every staff member of the Gresham-Barlow and North Clackamas public school districts here in Oregon to warn them about the dangers of the new coronavirus vaccinations and encourage them all to see the answer to the rising dictatorship in this country and worldwide: turn to the Creator! Thousands were reached with this email and others should use it as a template for doing the same wherever they live.

3. "Part 1 -- Constituent urges Ways & Means Committee to Oppose House Bills 3063 and 2783 Version 1.1"
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I wrote this letter to state representatives and state senators here in Oregon when House Bills 3063 and 2783 were about to pass. House Bill 3063 most especially would make Oregon's vaccine law much like that of California: no religious or personal belief exemptions.